In our state most of areas covered with hills and forest. In those areas our people are staying. They are not educated and depend upon forests. Now-a-days forests are cut down. Restrictions are imposed. They are not in a position to take different forest goods for their livelihood. They are day by day becoming poor. In most cases due to poverty, drought they are loosing their land and village. They sale themselves as bonded labour. They are incapable to build a house for their existence. We will construct low cost house under our project and settle them in a good family atmosphere. This year we have spent Rs. 2490.00 for SC & ST awareness.On the other hand Horizons are generally poor. They are depending in daily labour. So they do not involve them in the National development race. Hence national/countries alround develop is not at all possible inspite of Govt. Social Development Activities. We have therefore opened such a unit to work for welfare and upliftment of Harican and Girizans who want Govt.assistance. The method of achievement of allround development of villagers is our movement. The villagers should be self sufficient and independent on their daily usages and needs. Small scale production units on the basis of co-dependant on each other should be evolved to provide work to a large number of hands and profit shall flow into the pockets of single entrepreneur. Not only the production but also use of all these materials should be popularized among country men. Economic liberty, social, political , organizational independencies is urged. It has been decided to establish a vocational training centre. In this centre local un-employed individuals shall be provided Vocational Training. In other hand those who are in distress and helpless shall be allowed to stay in this Vocational-cum-rehabilitation centre. This will be a assistance centre for women, disable, old person, Distress, SC & ST.In this centre rural technology shall be promoted people will be trained how to promote agriculture. Agricultural development how will be developed shall be our ultimate aim. All the production shall be marketed.
Contact Person-Sri Narayan Das,
Director & Chief Co-Ordinator-shelter
Registered Office- Plot No-595,Near SUM Hospita,
Opposite to Kalinga High School Vill-Sampur, Po-Ghatikia,
City Bhubaneaswar-751003,
Dist- Khurda, State -Odisha.(India)
Contact person-Ranjita Samantaray,
Director & CSR Head-CSR Fund NGO
Grant Consultant- shelter -Resources
Promotion, Skill Development &
Vocational Training Centre.
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