Project Intervention
Architecture and Environment
Describe the project environment
The project will be based on personal interaction and rapport building among the community to see the benefit of the project. A prior field study is to be done to know the mind set of the people and, whether any organisation had touched the area in the past or not. If yes, then what was the result?

Adequately equipped with all the training material and the necessary things can run the show smoothly. Language is another barrier, which sometimes forces the people to withdraw from the programme, so using local language and the same dialect would attract the people to participate in maximum number and get the benefit.

Another important area is the “organisation”, who is working there(?), or whether any body have done some work in the targeted area or not, whether people of that locality have accepted him and treated him as one amongst them or not.

Software, hardware, or tools to be used
This depends on the audience and the locality. Because it has to be tailor-made and should be very appropriate to make them understand what exactly we are trying to convey through this, otherwise the whole project will be of no use.

Implementation Issues and Challenges What will be the most difficult issues and challenge in the implementation?
The most difficult issues are making them understand the importance of education and the need of it in today’s world. This is not a necessity but essential for their survival. Another challenge is to send the children to school for their education, because they are in the tendency of not going to school as their parents are not educated and so they don’t see the worth of it. Rather they prefer to engage them in the work to earn a living in this tender

How are you using or extending current tools/systems for your problem?
There are many ways to get the tools or systems work for the benefit of the community or the target audience. After having done a thorough survey different tools should be used. The survey will clearly indicate what tool is to be used to get the job done.

What makes our project unique?
A single way of implementation could see the negative result but when a multiple ways are implemented, there has to be some result that could show at the end of it. And also it will make an interesting scenario for the participant or the audience to believe.

What will the project produce?
The outcome of the project will compel the community to follow the system and see the change that could bring in their life, for which they were longing years together. They also will feel the change by opting for the schemes floated by the Govt. which were implemented by the organisation. They also will know about the benefit of the awareness.

Describe in relative detail the features of each of the project's products.
While doing the survey they will be curious to know what exactly the organisation is going to do. And may be at the first instance there could be some hesitance from them but later on they will cooperate.

Printed leaflets – it will allow them to see and understand what they can do, if they become educated.

One-to-One interaction – it will not allow them to feel left out. Every one in the community will feel their importance and hence they will show the interest in allowing the project to take place.

Group Discussion – this will allow them to take out their need that they are in need of. It also will make them feel that they are listened properly and with importance. If any excellent idea comes out of it and implied by the organisation, it will make them feel that they are also worth for some change.

Leader – while implementing the project if there is one among them, then s/he will feel that they can change the community without the help of outsiders. They have the ability and it needs to be stimulated.

You may wish to separate deliverables into phases and indicate optional components given time.

Creating different groups to show their ability to fight against the problem will show some results and also the way to get out of it will emerge from it.

The community is unaware of their ability, they have the solution, it only needs to be identified and implemented.

Emphasize what your project contributes or achieves!

The project after proper implementation will achieve the target that has been set by it. It will definitely see the people following after having benefited from it; at least they could understand and believe.

Timeline Provide an estimated timeline of project deliverables and important dates.

It has to be tailor-made keeping in view of the target audience and the type of people for whom the project is going to be implemented

Conclusion :
Summarize the project including the problem, motivation, and proposed solution, and re-state important (planned) contributions.
In order to utilise information, it must be accessible. Accessibility includes both documentation of available data and tools for accessing the data. Unity provides a tool that can assist with the documentation of SURVEY accessible data and with the retrieval of the information. However, with a poorly documented multi-valued database system with a lack of information available via SURVEY, these tools may not be enough. This project will provide some extensions to Unity that will allow it to work with a multi-valued database system. Additionally, this project will research additional steps and programs to help increase the availability of information via SURVEY.

Unaware about the importance of being literate.
Withdrawing from the society for any matter.
Hesitate to be in any gatherings.
Illiteracy caused duping by touts.
Being cheated by all irrespective of position (touts, dalals, officers, PRI members to name a few).

MOTIVATION: A regular interactive session will motivate them to follow the process to get the maximum output from this project.
Solution and Duration could be adjusted according to the strength of the target audience.
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