NGO Funding Consultancy
SHELTER (Society of Health Education Legal training and Emergency Rehabilitation) Being an implementing agency, we are observing that the NGO's are weak in technicality and legal procedures. Agencies are implementing various schemes, but not aware of Trust Registration and other legal formalities. Some organization are involving social services more than 10+ years without 12A, 80G, FCRA and other income tax numbers even some Organizations are expecting funds and Sponsors without FCRA. Some organizations are well versed about all legal activities but they do not know how to get 35AC, 35(i) (ii) and other income tax notifications.

SHELTER is a team of dedicated and well qualified team providing the world class services at your door step. If you will come with us as a member, then you can find a ladder which is already developed for you for your complete success. To get all services you have to become a member and Only a member NGO can avail following services. All the services are reliable and cost effective, even if a small NGO can afford it. SHELTER is one of the top NGO service providers in developing world. In partnership with National and International NGO Consultants, it is trying to offer customer support services.

Regular: Regular Organization Membership is available to NGOs . Regular members receive all membership benefits, including the right to vote and hold office.

Seniors: Senior Organization Membership is the highest membership class to which an organization can apply for membership. Senior Organization Membership can be awarded only to an NGO which either has chapters or full-time offices in four or more nations, or which has more than 10,000 individual members, or which is an association representing at least 100 institutions or organizations, or which is a university or college. Senior members receive all membership benefits and have two voting representatives.

Affiliate: Affiliate Organization Membership is available to organizations other than NGOs, such as governmental and intergovernmental bodies and businesses, which are engaged in functions consistent with the purposes of the Association. Affiliate members receive all membership benefits except the right to vote or hold office.

Associate: Individual Membership is available to persons whose interests and/or activities are consistent with the purposes of the organization. These receive all membership benefits except free access to the NGO membership list and the right to vote and hold office.

Fellow: The class of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction and is conferred only by invitation of the International Council upon a person with an excellent record of accomplishments in areas of relevance to the Association. SHELTER Fellows have the right to participate fully in the Association’s meetings and activities, including the right to vote and hold elective office.

Honorary There are also categories of honorary membership for organizations and individuals, which are conferred by resolutions of the Associations.

OUR Services: SHELTER assists NGOs by providing support and access to information and resources that can aid them in accomplishing their own missions relative to creating a better society and world; economically, socially, environmentally, politically, and morally .The Association also provides a means of identifying “ best practices” and circulating information about these best practices. In order to better accomplish their tasks, it is important for NGOs to be recognized by the public, donors, beneficiaries and potential partners. SHELTER strengthens NGO members and their activities in its literature, conference presentations, web site, and E- News in order to give them this greater visibility.

  • Grant-In-Aid, Foreign Funding, Fund Raising,
  • Training Programs, Networking, Evaluation,
  • Project Identification, Project Planning, project preparation,
  • Implementation, Documentations,
  • Monitoring, Market Research, Social Studies, Networking, liaison work, Resource Person,
  • Volunteers etc.
  • New Society / NGO / VO / Trust / RWA / Magazines /Newspapers Registrations.
  • *Chartered Accounts Services, Computerized Accounting, Auditing, Balance Sheets,
  • Income Tax Returns, Exemptions U/S 80-G, 1C, FCRA, Finance, loan etc.
Requirements for registration / amendment of Society (Societies Registration Act 1860)
  • Name, Fathers/Husband Name, Address, Occupation, Designation for the posts of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer & Members.
  • Constitution of Executive Body , Right & duties, Bye-laws, Proceedings use for amendments, Funds, Place, Address, Power of Operating Funds, Main functionary.
  • Name of the Society (Proposed). Aims and Objectives, Joint Account of Member, Managing Committee minimum-7 Members including Post holders and members.
  • Registration / Amendment
  • Society (Societies Registration Act 1860)
  • Trust (Indian Trust Act1882)
  • Section 25 B Company (Non Profit Company)
  • Firm (Partnership / Proprietorship)
  • Pvt. / Ltd. Company
  • Registration U/S 12-A of Income Tax Act
  • Registration U/S 80-G of Income Tax Act
  • Registration U/S 35 AC of Income Tax Act
  • FCRA Certification
  • RNI Number
  • PAN (NGO/ Trust/ Company/ Firms/ Individuals)
  • ESI
  • Provident Fund
  • Trademark, Copyright & Service mark
  • Import- Export Code
  • Service Tax
  • Domain Name
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Report
  • Event Report
  • Planning / Policy Document
  • Concept Note
  • Presentation / NGO Profile
  • Brochure & Booklet
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Accounting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Tax Return ( NGO/ Trust/ Company/ Firms/ Individuals)
  • Utilization Certificate
  • Budgeting
The following cost effective reliable consultancy services are provided.
Our Special Servises
To equip the NGO’s in the following:
  • Legal Aspects
  • Fund Raising
  • Technical Aspects
  • Sponsorship
  • Information for International Seminars, Conferences & Meetings
Our Other Services
  • NGO Setup, Professional advise & Consultancy as per requirements
  • NGO Project Development, Execution & Support
  • NGO Event Management
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Website designing as per client requirements
Our Reliable consultancy services
  • Providing consultancy to form a Trust & Other common activities
  • Providing consultancy for Sponsor Relational Department
  • Providing consultancy for various Project Implementation Work
  • Trust Deed to Society Deeds
  • Applying PAN Card
  • Applying 12A
  • Applying 12AA
  • Applying 80G
  • Applying FCRA
  • Applying 35AC
  • Applying 35 (1 & 2)
  • Applying 35 (1 & 3)
  • Applying 35CCB
  • Organizing Funds for your Organizations
  • Projects against Sponsorship
  • Organizing Funder’s in Local & Aboard
  • Different Plans for Fund Raising Work
  • Writing International Project
  • Promoting your Organizations Activities
  • Arranging International Meetings & Seminars.
  • Website Development.
However SHELTER NGO FUNDING CONSULTANCY CENTRE provides service as under in receipt of consultancy fee detailed bellow in request of partners and NGOs. To get a complete list of SHELTER NGO Services along with price list, please register for FREE or call to # 9437438766,9937986808 or Email to or visit our website . The following price list is exclusively for member. Non-members should add Rs. 2000 extra of the given price.

1. In-person meeting [with Consultants] for 30-45 Min.
2. Video meeting [with Consultants] for 30-45 Min.
3. In-person meeting [with Consultants] for 30-45 Min
(In your preferred business place available at selected cities: Rs.10,000/ excluding Local Travel Cost.)

NGO Fundraising Services
1. NGO Registry - [ FREE ]
2. Proposal Repository - [ FREE ]
3. Liaisoning - [Depends on Project ]

1. NGO Award Function - Starting from 50,000/
2. NGO Conference - Starting from 40,000/
3. NGO Gala Nights - Starting from 50,000/
4. NGO Workshops - Starting From 30,000/
1. Website Design including Hosting: Starting from 1800/ year
2. Email: Starting from 500/ year
3. Contents writing for Website - Starting from 1000/
4. SEO - Starting from 2000/

In Print Services
1. Visiting Card - 1000 pieces for 360/
2. Booklet - Depends on paper quality and no. of units.
3. Brochure - Starting from 2000/
4. Banner - Starting from 1500/

1. Project Proposal - Starting from 1000/
2. Project Report - Starting from 1000/
3. Event Report - Starting from 1000/
4. Planning / Policy Document - Starting from 2000/
5. Concept Note - Starting from 1000/
6. Presentation / NGO Profile - Starting from 1000/
7. Video Documentary excluding travel cost - Starting from 3500/
8. Brochure - Starting from 350/
9. Booklet or Annual Report - Starting from 1500/

Associate Services
1. Financial Consultancy - Starting from 1000/
2. Internal Audit - Starting from 1000/
3. External Audit - Starting from 2000/
4. Audit report - Starting from 2000/
5. Income Tax Return - Starting from 500/
6. Utilization Certificate - Starting from 500/
7. Budgeting of projects at current market rate - Starting from 1000/

Basic Services
1. Project Execution & Support - Starting from 3000/
2. Project Monitoring & Evaluation - Starting from 5000/
3. An experienced Freelancer on day basis - Starting from 1000/
1. Multi-State Co-Operative Society Registration - 10,000/
2. Non-Profit Company - 15,000/
3. ISO for NGO - Depending on type of ISO certification
4. 35AC Registration - 10,000/
5. FCRA Registration - 10,000/
6. FCRA Prior Permission - 10,000/
7. FCRA Amendments - 2,000/
8. FCRA Return - 500/
9. FCRA Complex Cases - 15,000/

Franchise@ 50% Discount
1. Franchisee Opportunity in a leading coaching class.
2. Franchisee Opportunity of Leading International English Language training Company.
3. Franchise for Play School .

1. Fresher Hiring - 1000/ each hire (For NGOs and Corporates)
2. Experienced Hiring - 2000/ each hire (For NGOs and Corporate)
Contact Person-Sri Narayan Das,
Director & Chief Co-Ordinator-shelter
Registered Office- Plot No-595,Near SUM Hospita,
Opposite to Kalinga High School Vill-Sampur, Po-Ghatikia,
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Contact person-Ranjita Samantaray,
Director & CSR Head-CSR Fund NGO
Grant Consultant- shelter -Resources
Promotion, Skill Development &
Vocational Training Centre.
595,Sampur,Ghatikia,Bhubanesar-3. Phone:91+9437438766/91+9937986808