The history:
Since the independence much has been talked about the education but till date hardly any of those have been met. So this is a very catch segment that needs to be focused now. Problem could be myth and being poor and from a section of the society.

Why it is to be concerned?
It is indeed an interest to be concerned, because there are many schemes are floated by the Govt. for the betterment of these community but seldom they get it. Very few organisations are working for this community as most of the organisations are bound by rituals and customs lay down by the then elderly people.

Why this problem prevails?
It is there and also remaining as no other community people prefer to go to their place and teach. Because the fear of getting boycotted from the society.

Is the problem already solved? What has been done so far?
Yes, the problem still exists. Due to lack of proper education, literacy among these communities is very poor. Though the Govt. is doing lot of things but the takers are not willing to accept as the imparters are of no good. Govt. has made it compulsory for all but still the parents need to be counseled to send their children and women to get the proper education.

Are there any similar systems or solutions to the one you propose?
If so, reference and very briefly explain them.
I am not sure whether any similar solution has ever been practiced by any agencies, Govt. or not.

Are there any possible improvements to current solutions?
Yes, creating awareness and the importance of education in day-to-day life. If women of the society are not educated then we can not expect the future generation to be educated.

Project Summary
What in general will this project achieve?
This project is designed in such a way that it will not only educate the women folks of the community but also develop a self confidence among them. They can pass on the knowledge to their children and make them educated. And also they can force their children to go to school and can create their better future. These also enhance their livelihood in many ways.
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