Low Cost Housing Consultancy
It is very important to have a shelter for every one of his own. Studies also reveal that scarcity of housing units is there in the country . Surprisingly, the shortage is mainly for the people belonging to the moderate income group and the lower income group, people who cannot afford a home of their own.The demand for low cost homes in India has set the stage for the housing projects meant for the ones who have limited earnings. Low cost housing in India offer housing options, since real estate builders and developers in India are building housing projects in different cities and of different categories, you can choose your option depending on your requirement and budget.

Constructing low cost housing in India, there are 2 ways in which low cost homes and middle income group can be helped out. It has been observed that builders and developers either undertake housing projects that are entirely meant for the LIG or MIG or undertake housing projects which cater to all income groups. For instance, if a real estate builder constructs apartments and independent villas in a particular area, he can build housing units of different budget.

A latest trend that is being observed in the housing market is that more and more real estators are trying to use energy efficient materials in their projects. Prior to buying low cost homes in India, it is important to find out whether they abide by the construction guidelines and safety requirements.

Consultancy preferred to construct a house of Rs 2 Lakhs budget
We appreciate your effort in trying to construct a house of Rs 2 Lakhs budget. Before you embark on this mission, do prepare mentally for the extra hard work you need to put in planning and budgeting all the activities to be performed right from design stage to completion.

First, what you need is a very cost effective design that incorporates all your requirements without over-utilizing space or structural elements. The design has to be worked and re-worked until it is Cost-effectively Optimized. Take extra time and effort in finalizing the design.

The next step is to decide on the materials to be used. With a constrained budget, you cannot afford to have a margin of error. Find the most cost-effective building materials in your area. It would vary depending on the location of your residence. Eg- Laterite Stones are Cost Effective in the North Kerala Malabar Region. Do research on the most cost-effective wood, flooring, roofing and other materials in your region.

Study your Site Conditions to avoid any unexpected future setbacks. Do make sure that the Site did not previously have wells, ponds or clay fields that were filled without proper soil consolidation. Use the most appropriate foundation depending on the soil condition.

Appoint a Contractor who has previous experience in Low-Cost House Construction. You may contact the local branch of Cost-effective Construction Agencies like Nirmiti, Costford, Habitat etc. Have long and extensive discussions with the Contractor and be very clear about the various stages of construction and the time and cost incurred at each stage.

Once Construction starts, stick to the schedule without a break in the work. Any delay may further increase the cost and material wastage. In short, constructing your residence on a tight budget requires meticulous planning and execution.

The certified experts with Housing Compliance Services
The certified experts with Housing Compliance Services are available with us to assist you in maintaining compliance with affordable housing requirements. Our consulting team has experience in lease-up, policy and procedure review and implementation, file audits, and compliance maintenance. The Housing Compliance Services team monitors properties financed with tax-exempt bonds, tax credits, redevelopment..

To ensure compliance with affordable regulations, Housing Compliance Services can support your agency with:
Needs analysis
Annual/quarterly compliance report review
Site Visits-file audits and physical inspections
Audit techniques
Move-in and recertification approvals
Specialized compliance training
Best practices process review and recommendations
Basic and Advanced training classes
Send us a request for contact about consulting services and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Build a Smaller Home / Houses-
Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home, Subtitled, "Complete Working Drawings and if a project size is very small, normally the property developer is required to allocate portion of the land for low cost housing to assist those:

Modern House/ Cottage/ Home Design

Find Low Cost House Plans At Modern House Designs

Looking for modern house designs Well, you need to rebuff the precincts of past and apply a futuristic approach. Modern house plans emphasize on technology and. A) 'Budget' or 'Low Cost' (ordinary ceramic tiles or vinyl, ordinary paint.

Building a House on Limited Means: Low-cost House-Building For

Resources for Building Earth-Friendly, Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Homes Home | Building Books | our senior year of high-school and were already drawing house plans by. This collection of Cost-Efficient Home Designs offers a tasteful selection of plans that, comparatively speaking, would cost Low Price Guarantee: Construction

Modern-House-Designs.com Buy LOW COST House Designs
Modern House Designs provides LOW COST, quality house plans. The plans contain floor plans, elevations and cross sections required for building a house. Each house. Offering quality Residential architectural plans for effective exterior, interior & architectural design of your building at affordable rates! Cottage, cabin & small country home plans,Cottage, cabin and small country home plans for a house you can build yourself free Glenn's low cost garage: Costs for the 20' wide Universal: Framing the 1-1/2 story. low cost duplex house plans Design Decoration Ideas. Your ideas to explore your own home. Home, Office, Garden, Design, Decoration, Furniture, Ideas

House Plans Very Low Cost
House plans very low cost House plans very low cost and estimates construction , home design center malabe. Low cost and top quality 3D floor plans & 3D house models available at 3D Rendering India. 3D Rendering India is one of the most reliable 3D rendering services House-Plan.com provides LOW COST, quality house plans. The plans contain floor plans,elevations and cross sections required for building a house. Each house plan on. Low-cost housing plan for first-time home-buyers falls flat By Alvin Hall Poorer Than Their Parents.

Low Cost Building Home Plans
Low cost home building plans are readily available. Home building plan publications (print and online), stock plan services, drafting services, consumer home building. Low cost, small budget adaptable garage-apartment plan 841 sf to build in stages; flexible, affordable apartment plan to build and live in while building main house.

To get a Cost-effective Design for your site, send us your Site Plan and List of Requirements.
Housing policy at a national and local level has changed significantly. The limited government resources available for affordable housing and infrastructure, means that developers and land owners are being asked to make larger planning contributions. Uncertainty remains about the new affordable rented tenure, so all existing deals and new planning applications are being redrawn to come into line with the new direction of Government policy. This year, more than ever, we are working hard to keep our clients abreast of these changes, anticipating the government's direction of travel and quickly adjusting negotiation strategies to ensure viable planning consents are achieved as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of all parties. Its difficult times for all, but Levvel is successfully achieving planning consents with revised housing mixes and more viable solutions ensuring the delivery of housing is achieved.

How might we help you ? We are unlocking stalled projects for land owners, investors, developers, Registered Providers and Councils, securing planning consents and identifying end users for the affordable housing who are willing to pay the best price to ensure schemeviability.

As housing specialists we can:
Help you make the case for your housing proposal
  • Negotiate the right balance of affordable housing and planning gain contribution, reducing risk and uncertainty and ensure profitability
  • Advise on the investment, planning, developing and owning of affordable housing
  • Introduce developers to affordable housing providers
  • Structure a planning agreement that works for all parties
This is the time to make things happen.
Please have a look through our website to see how we have been helping our clients and if you think we might be able to help, call us

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