Our Organisation has taken initiative for legal and family counseling centers. Different legal awareness activities has been started for settlement of matrimonial disputes. Our representatives are visiting houses of different persons related with any matrimonial disputes. The disputes is going to be settled or compromised after negotiation in cooperation of State Social Welfare Board, Mahila commission and different legal authorities. Even we are taking steps to settle this through “Lok Adalat”. We have spent Rs. 2685.00 for Lok-Adalat.We have decided to continue our activities through assisting distress and poor through our legal family and councelling center. They will be provided free legal advice and assistance. In case of necessity their cases shall be recommended to the Govt. for proper management and assistance. If Govt. assistance will be received, we will strengthen this.
Organisation has taken initiative for milk producers cooperative and diary development program. We have moved different parts of Puri, Cuttack and Khurda district. People are interested to form groups of milk producers cooperative and diary development program. However Govt. Co-ordination and assistance is absolutely required. We have formed 55 groups in Niali and Kantapada block of Cuttack district. We have formed a milk producers cooperative Federation in Niali & Kantapada block. We have provided training to them for management of their group and for their empowerment. They are also provided with training in different self-employment programs in agriculture, handicraft, kitchen gardening, flower plantation, poultry, pigery, banana plantation and such other activities. we have conducted training for business & marketing of different products in a better market in good market rate and also by providing idea accepting good quality and acceptable lebels. We think through this types of training and activities our Groups shall be sure uplifted. We have spent Rs.16,960/- for this purpose. In this connection we have contacted OMFED and Animal welfare Department and different authorities such as Banks and District machinery for financial assistance and loan for this purpose. The method of achievement of all round development of villagers is our movement.
We have undertaken work for formation of Water Users Association in Kanas Block of Puri District and Baranga Block of Cuttack District. We have spent Rs. 6432/ Rs 4665/ Rs 3655/ Rs 3250 for promotion of agriculture, vegitation, pc culture, seeding and nursery. We think this will serve interest of people in field of Agriculture. In the mean time our achievement has been appreciated by different corners. It has been decided by our organisation to work more in the field of Agriculture. It has been decided to work for Betel crop promotion. Orissa is a state where most of the people depend upon agriculture, looking into critical conditions of cultivators, in spite of availability of all resources in the field of Agriculture, we have decided to work for Agricultural promotion and income generation through agriculture, vegitation, pisci-culture, seeding, nursery, handicraft and coir activities.In this connection Govt. of Orissa has realized their condition and revolutionary step has been taken by them for agricultural development through formation of Water Users Association.
Contact Person-Sri Narayan Das,
Director & Chief Co-Ordinator-shelter
Registered Office- Plot No-595,Near SUM Hospita,
Opposite to Kalinga High School Vill-Sampur, Po-Ghatikia,
City Bhubaneaswar-751003,
Dist- Khurda, State -Odisha.(India)
Contact person-Ranjita Samantaray,
Director & CSR Head-CSR Fund NGO
Grant Consultant- shelter -Resources
Promotion, Skill Development &
Vocational Training Centre.
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